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centric sold on what exchanges

Centric Rise (Cnr) Ico

  • Unlike risky devices of worth, the worth of Centric Rise is predetermined and written to the blockchain, leading to a predictable increase in buying energy.
  • Our Solution A new economic mannequin designed to mitigate the instability and unpredictability of value by way of the establishment of a forex network with two pillar currencies.
  • As transactions take place, a share of the circulating provide is burnt, growing the scarcity, and incentivizing economic development.
  • Cryptocurrency hasn’t improved this model either; as a substitute, we see volatility and uncertainty magnified.
  • The first, a zero-sum currency used as an instrument for transaction; the opposite, a deflationary foreign money that predictably will increase purchasing energy per unit.
  • How It Works Centric Rise (CNR) is a sustainable, deflationary cryptocurrency that gives worth over time.

centric sold on what exchanges

On one hand it provides a reliable store of worth; on the opposite, it offers upside incentive to join the community required for mass-adoption. Its progressive and unique idea is engineered to realize breakthrough as a reliable form of fee. Centric is an online 3.0-based cost network composed of two digital tokens that promote stability, incentivize structure for early adopters, and safely store worth. The trade between the 2 tokens is ruled by a decentralized sensible contract and a self-regulating protocol. The Centric Rise token rewards users with a gradual increase in worth each hour.

centric sold on what exchanges

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